Dog owner’s warning after game of fetch leads to £3,000 vet bill

A dog lover has warned other owners to beware after being hit by an eye-watering £3,000 vets bill after a game of fetch went badly wrong.

James Macleod was playing with family pooch Remy during a get-away to the Lake District.

But the Springer Spaniel slipped and injured her right leg as she chased a ball – and they were told an operation was needed.

Now the owners are having to raise thousands because an operation to fix the knee isn’t covered by their insurance.

The family were stunned to discover how much it will cost – and told others that serious injuries like this are more common in older, high-energy dogs of the same breed.

They say if they knew the risks, they would have limited the games they play with Remy – and slowed things down.

The 38-year-old told Edinburgh Live : “I never appreciated how potentially dangerous it can be for Springers and highly active dogs when they are gathering something from fetch.

“I have always seen Remy skid when she runs but didn’t realise how much pressure it was putting on her knees.

“We had her down on a family holiday and she was playing fetch, she disappeared behind a tree and when she came back she was limping on her right hind leg.”

When the family returned to Edinburgh to take Remy to the vet they were told that she had snapped the cruciate ligament in her right hind leg during the game of fetch.

Remy is now on cage bed rest and James’ four-year-old daughter Rose is finding it hard to understand why her “best friend” has to rest and not move or play.

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The dog will have to take constant painkillers to manage her pain while she waits for the pricey surgery.

The family has raised a quarter of the money on their GoFundMe page so far and say the bill could not have come at a worse time as mum Megan, 25, is heavily pregnant.

James added “The operation is going to cost around £3.000 but with the price of aftercare it will probably be closer to £4,000.

“My wife Megan is expecting our second child in just four weeks. It’s a crazy time for this to happen. My daughter Rose and Remy are inseparable.

“She has had the dog since she came home from the hospital and they will often just lie together and use each other as a pillow.

“Now Remy is on total crate rest and she doesn’t understand.”

“At the moment money is tight as Megan has been off work with a difficult pregnancy, and now she is about to go on maternity leave.

“Remy is still in pain, she can’t put weight on her back leg and is refined to the crate which she doesn’t like because she is a very active dog.”

“I will have to find the money somehow, Rose wouldn’t cope without her. I would urge other pet owners to make sure if they have high energy dogs or springer spaniels that they force them to slow down.”