Cruel trolls tell mum to wax baby after medication made him grow dark black hair

A mum has hit back after vile trolls on TikTok encouraged her to wax her hairy baby boy – after medication for a rare condition made him grow dark hair all over his body.

Bri Shelby regularly takes to TikTok to share videos of her adorable son, who was born with a condition called congenital hyperinsulinism, which affects just one in around 50,000 babies.

To combat the illness, the baby was put on a medication called diazoxide – which caused a rather unusual side effect. Shortly after starting the medication, the newborn began sprouting dark, black hair all over his body.

“When your baby becomes hairy from having to take medication. He was put on a medicine called diazoxide, he does not need his hormone levels checked,” Bri explained on TikTok.

“He did not have any hair like this when he was born, it came after he started the medicine.”

However, after sharing several clips of the handsome boy online, Bri received cruel comments from trolls telling her to shave her son prompting her to hit back.

“Baptise him in wax,” one cruel follower wrote, while another vile troll added: “If my baby comes out like this I’m throwing him away. I can’t.”

“You do not wax a baby,” Bri responded, although we’d argue that anyone with someone sense would already know that.

In another post, Bri shared a clip of herself dancing with her son, alongside the caption: “When we don’t care what people say about his hairy body.”

There’s no getting away from it – he is absolutely adorable, with or without the hair.

“My son was also on diazoxide for a little over a year. He had hair all over his face and head, he was like an adorable little werewolf,” one follower commented.

Meanwhile, another added: “Oh my goodness, he is absolutely gorgeous just the way he is.” We couldn’t agree more.